At Applied Analytics we provide a suite of offerings in the Hospitality domain. We customise offerings from our Accredited Partners to provide you the most optimum solution for your domain. This ensures that your organisation is able to leverage on time tested technologies from marquee technology providers and for your specific needs. Applied Analytics takes has a flexible engagement structure involving:

  • Customises Solutions Architecture
  • Solutions Engineering
  • DevOps
  • Data preparation and Monitoring

A few representative use cases in Hospitality services:

Improve customer loyalty

The key metric of efficiency of a Hotel brand is the Life Time Value of a customer which provides a measurable definition of customer loyalty. There are numerous touch points a hotel has with a customer before, during and after a stay at the hotel. These interactions over emails, vouchers, telephonic discussions, spending and travel patterns could provide valuable insights towards improving customer loyalty.

Optimum yield per room

An important function monitored by executives with P&L responsibilities is the yield management of a room which is the process of ensuring an optimal price for each room around the year. Analytics of data of past room bookings normalised over seasonal variances can provide predictable revenue and help investment decisions.

Profile based up-selling services

In the competitive climate today hospitality industry is increasingly looking at trying to provide a bouquet of additional services as spa, sports facilities and entertainment. These tend to add significantly to the bottom line however this is more of soft up selling rather than hard selling to existing customers. Customer profiling through analytics can indicate likelihood of certain customers availing of additional services.

Enhance restaurant experience

Optimising kitchen inventory is based on the consumption of the guests are especially important for theme based high end restaurants within the hotels. Guests can be provided with more individual attention that improves customer experience. Food and beverages from the kitchen could be served based on individual tastes and preferences. This means inventory of both prepared food and ingredients needs to be optimised based on guest profiles.

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