We partner with technology companies and businesses to build products and platforms in Cloud and Data technologies helping Go to Market in the most efficient way. We understand that cloud based software services and analytics require significant investment as these acquire scale. We make cloud based development process on-budget, efficient and more predictable.

We accomplish this for you leveraging our deep experience and reusable components bult over several years in virtually most modern cloud and data technologies. We can either build the products tailored to your specifications as fixed price projects or work as your extended team that offer you best value for your investments in terms of reliability, flexibility, turnaround time and TCO.

What do we offer?

Scalable Platform Development

Developing today’s cloud services require a demanding team resources both from design, code development, deployment and administration perspectives. Many early stage teams find it difficult to implement platforms that are scalable, high available and fault tolerant.

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Digital Marketing Insights

You may have already engaged with a Digital Marketing agency or closing with one for handling your online campaigns. The efficacy of a digital marketing and social media campaign is based on the creative content , conveying the right message.

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We bring a host of Data Analytics Services that include Administration and Maintenance, DevOps, Custom development, Co development with Third party vendors, Testing and validation. It is quite common that our team works alongside teams from the customer and recommended third party vendors.

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Our Technology Services

Who can benefit from our expertise?

  • Technology Start Ups
  • Small Business Ecommerce
  • Digitial marketing campaign managers
  • Data Science and Analytics services ISV
  • Financial Analysts
  • The Academia

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