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Staff Augmentation

Augmenting teams in the fields of Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics pose major challenges for Hiring Manager and HR Talent Acquisition teams alike due to the following:

  • Lack of availability of right talent
    Although ML and Big Data are being taught in universities and technological institutions, recruiting engineers and developers with the right kind of experience in technology, processes and delivery capabilities is proving difficult. While recently graduated freshmen are good at programming in python and algorithm implementation the understanding of production grade coding, testing deployment is new to them. On the other hand experienced engineers in DB2 may have difficulty in understanding new technologies eg.In Spark RDDs
  • Rapid change in technologies
    Technology landscapes are changing at a rapid pace in these areas with new platforms emerging with the turn of the year. While Python has pipped other programming languages recently primarily because of its wide use in Machine Learning implementation, Java still reigns supreme in server-based installations. Hiring Managers therefore are on the search for versatile team members who can work across technologies and platforms which is another rare combination.
  • Shorter project durations
    Unlike the its traditional IT counterparts many projects in Big Data and Machine Learning are of shorter durations due to automation and robotic processes inherent to the system. Shorter projects may not qualify for enterprise budgets for building long term teams before doing extensive POCs and pilots.
  • Need for retraining
    Rapid developments in Big Data and Machine Learning is making several traditional technologies irrelevant if not redundant. As result of which several technologies (like AIX) are in the process of ramping down their resource base. While these teams may lack the knowledge of new technologies they would be possessing excellent understanding of the domain and enterprise processes and objectives. Many a times you may want to consider retraining and retaining them through the changed skill requirements.

What we bring to the table:

  • Data Science trained developers:
    We have a pool of Data Science engineers and developers who have been engaged with us and ready to provide support for your projects. They come skilled with either in Big Data or Machine Learning and can readily take up your projects with the commitment of delivery thus improving the turnaround times for your team.
  • Experienced Consultants:
    Many of our senior consultants have years of experience in cutting edge technologies in Data Science and Predictive Analytics and possess significant domain expertise. Our client teams derive appreciable mentoring from senior experts that help them to expedite their learning curve which in turn helps your teams to deliver better.
  • Flexible teams:
    We have a pool of skilled resources with us working on various projects. This enables us to offer you a flexible team structure by which you can effectively ramp up or ramp down any technology with ease. In case you want more resourcing, we can provide you with resourcing with the right expertise for a given duration offering you the flexibility in your project budgets.

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