At Applied Analytics we view the Data Science Stack as in the following illustration. We offer various components of the stack from Open source community as well as our accredited partners and customise the interfaces so as to provide the best fit for our customers’ applications.

Flexibility of custom development or subscription based

Our clients have unique requirements based on the vertical they operate in, the size of the enterprise, geographical diversity and above all the enterprise objective for Data Analytics. These call for custom made development which means dedicated resourcing from the service provider as well as the client.

Many a times the costs are a constraint especially for smaller organisations and enterprise initiatives that are in POC stage. With our commitment to creating value for the buck for our clients, we sometime provide a subscription based SaaS option to our clients that while not an ideal solution but provides a pragmatic alternative till traction is achieved.

Solutions we offer are typically based on both the domain of application as well as the complexity grade of the implementation, specifically:

  • Enterprise Grade
  • Consumer Grade
  • POC/ pilot grade

The Solution Methodology

The approach to a successful Data Analytics implementation is based on three crucial factors:

  • Alignment of business purpose and strategy
  • Identifying the right data source and data ingestion procedure
  • Putting data to practice: Analysis / Predictive engine

At Applied Analytics we work with our clients to ensure that the approach is objective and measurable in every step. We help align the vision and strategy by identifying tangible outcome that could be made possible through the analytics initiatives.

Our solution methodology is designed to support the vision and stakeholder aspirations during and after program roll out.

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