Logistics and SCM

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

At Applied Analytics we provide a suite of offerings in the Logistics and SCM domain. We customise offerings from our Accredited Partners to provide you the most optimum solution for your domain. This ensures that your organisation is able to leverage on time tested technologies from marquee technology providers and for your specific needs. Applied Analytics takes has a flexible engagement structure involving:

  • Customises Solutions Architecture
  • Solutions Engineering
  • DevOps
  • Data preparation and Monitoring

A few representative use cases in Logistics and Supply Chain Management services:

Freight optimisation

Logistics and SCM processes work through a network of service providers handling trunk routes as well as last mile connectivity. Price variance tends to have multiplier effects in such networks and a lot of management bandwidth is dedicated to negotiations to get the best price offers from service providers. Customers are also demanding more transparency from a system which is impacted almost daily with changes in fuel and other costs. With such dynamic data points and considering the geographical diversity that is inherent to the ecosystem, it is imperative that a robust data analytics system is in operation to maximise profitability.

Route optimisation

Last mile logistics and reverse logistics has become important revenue generators due to the growth of ecommerce home deliveries. Effective route optimisation is critical for the bottom line for these services. Route planning depends on dynamic data points that are gathered from diverse origins as GPS based location, traffic conditions and many others. A Data analytics platform is an absolute requirement to analyse such real time data.

Inventory Optimisation

Inventory is another factor that has a multiplier effect and is closely monitored by any SCM technique. However this also has real time implications indicating dynamic data points that can only be analysed through a Data Platform. A large diverse data from vehicles, sorting centres, pick up points along with customer constraints are to be continuously monitored in order to provide an optimised inventory.

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