Education At Applied Analytics we provide a suite of offerings in the Education Services domain. We customise offerings from our Accredited Partners to provide you the most optimum solution for your domain. This ensures that your organisation is able to leverage on time tested technologies from marquee technology providers and for your specific needs. Applied Analytics takes has a flexible engagement structure involving:

  • Customises Solutions Architecture
  • Solutions Engineering
  • DevOps
  • Data preparation and Monitoring

A few representative use cases in Education services:

Accelerated learning

Digital content and eLearning has made it possible to monitor learning for a student. The digital process helps in generating objective data both from instructor led and self paced learning. Analytics applied on this data can provide valuable inputs to the learner which helps in self assessment that expedites the learning process.

Measurable feedback to teachers and mentors

Schools and colleges gather a lot a of data that include location, previous learning activities, student health concerns, attendance, grades, socio-economic data and many more that are aggregated as of institutional statistics. Provided effective data analytics are applied, these can generate a wealth of objective feedback to teachers which would help them to impart better education.

Improving quality of teaching and course content

With the wide popularity of digital Learning management systems it is now possible to gather usage data for students and teachers. Data Analytics techniques can throw light on several areas which were till now only a matter of surmise and conjecture. Objective data analysis can indicate to quite an accurate extent the efficacy of a course or teaching methodology which would be valuable for education institutions in their quest for excellence.

TIN - CAN and LRS based Analytics

With the introduction of MOOCs and TIN Can Learning Repositories, getting a 360 degree view of individual learning has become a reality. Data analytics infrastructure could be developed using the API connects to the repositories when an university has adopted LRSs.

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