Financial Services

Financial Services

Financial services industry which by nature of business as well as by regulatory compliance requirements is the largest beneficiaries of big data storage retrieval and analyses. Apart from Core Banking System data analytics can be of great help to the functions that are perceived to be peripheral but are increasingly gaining importance with the rise of consumer and retail banking. At Applied Analytics we provide a suite of offerings in the Financial Services domain. We customise offerings from our Accredited Partners to provide you the most optimum solution for your domain. This ensures that your organisation is able to leverage on time tested technologies from marquee technology providers and for your specific needs. Applied Analytics takes has a flexible engagement structure involving:

  • Customises Solutions Architecture
  • Solutions Engineering
  • DevOps
  • Data preparation and Monitoring

A few representative use cases in Financial Services services:

Customer loyalty

Tracking and analysing data for deriving behavioural traits of retail customers has become imperative today. With the widespread usage of internet and mobile banking a whole lot of customer interaction data is now available. Even by removing data components to comply to privacy and security details, inference of measurable trends is possible for insights into customer loyalty.

Mobile and internet banking feature enhancements

Proper analytic tools and framework designs can yield rich data from mobile and internet banking applications that would indicate the introduction or modifications of features available in the application. This helps in improving user experience on these apps and also to assess feasibility of new feature introduction vis-a-vis legacy systems and security concerns.

Customer spending and investment patterns

Data analytics can provide deep insights into spending and investment patterns of customers that can help derive inferences on customers behaviour and service requirements in the future. This can help in both risk mitigation as well as improve revenue per customer thus eventually impacting both bottom and top line.

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